Pest Control Treatment for RM80 instead of RM160 by Pest Paramedics @

I have wanted to tried out pest control treatment (due to ants and cockroaches around the house) but I have no clue who should I approach. Also, I have been looking into discount sites lately. There were actually few pest control treatment deals almost at the same price, ranging from RM 80 to RM 90 (if I am not mistaken). However, I choose the pest control treatment by Pest Paramedics for one simple reason – they can come during the weekends and public holiday (just that purchasers need to set the appointment earlier).

After the purchase of the deal, I obtained my voucher (for this post, I have decided not to reveal my voucher number as the dealer easily knows who am I, where I live and my contact number). I attached the voucher and email to Pest Paramedics to set the appointment on a Saturday morning. They were quite prompt in responding. I actually also emailed them few days before the appointment on whether should I prepare anything in advance, which they replied that I needed to move my furniture about a feet away from the wall.

On the day, I was really pleased that they came on time. The worker straight went into the toilet and started spraying the treatment. He then went around the condo unit before finally finished at the kitchen. At the kitchen, he actually put some gel baiting on an area where there were a lot of ants. All these were done within 15 minutes. He then gave us a service report. Before going off, he also mentioned that Pest Paramedics is currently having promotion where if we were to sign a one year contract, which is six times a year (once every bi-monthly), the price will be RM 420 (where it will be RM 70 each time that is also cheaper the deal that I purchased). We weren’t force or push into signing up the contract (which was good). He told us that we can clean up the place after about three hours.

Overall, I am pleased with their service (in terms of handling customers and punctuality). However, despite the voucher saying that the treatment can last about three to six months, the worker personally told us that it will last about two months. I feel that the poison wasn’t sprayed evenly. Also, the poison spray smell wasn’t as strong as the one I used to experience in my hometown last time (for the same kind of treatment). While putting the gel bait, the worker was rambling that the cost of the gel bait (one stick) is about RM120 and our deal is just RM 80 (I did not know why he did that though). He told us that after a while or two days, all ants will gather at the gel bait area (up till now – about 9 hours, I don’t see a single ant there).

Well, after we came back in three hours time to our condo, we found one death cockroach in the toilet (just “crazily” happy that one died?). I will try to update if there’s any difference in the next two months.

Follow up read: Here

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