Targus Cobra Lite Backpack from All IT Hypermarket fair/sale @ Ikano Power Centre

It was two weeks ago that I wanted to buy a lasting backpack for myself. This week, during lunch (on Tuesday), I was walking in Ikano Power Centre. And, I found that All IT Hypermarket was having a fair at the ground floor. I went into the area to look around and saw different range of Targus bags hanging around the area. I went closer to look.

Without even saying a word, the sales assistant (Jeff Mok from Innoteq-Plus Sdn Bhd – I only knew his name after I purchased the bag two days later) approached me. He patiently explained about the bag, which was on promotion – Targus Cobra Lite Backpack, 14 inch. He even demo how lasting the bag was by asking one of the colleagues (who was abit obese) to pull the bag. He even demo on how fire from the lighter cannot burnt the bag. He also showed me all the compartments of the bag – including the area where we can place passport – if used for travelling (that actually caught my attention). I was actually very impressed with his demo. He also mentioned that this bag has lifetime warranty if the bag ripped off (but I am not sure how true this is). The bag is under promotion. It was priced at RM 168, while its normal price is RM208 (from the price tag).

I actually have the urge to buy. But, I fear I might regret it. So, I asked if I could take a picture of the bag, which he says “can”. I think I should consult my hubby about it. I then asked Jeff when the fair will last till, which he said until this coming Sunday. I told him that I am working nearby and if I decided to buy the bag I will return. I actually mms-ed hubby the photo and hubby asked me to survey online first before deciding to buy the bag.

Once mentioned to hubby about the brand, he says that it is indeed a good brand. We surveyed online to find that this model isn’t available. And, mostly are 15 inch and above backpack. Also, the online prices, even by small retailers over the forum, are almost the same (excluding courier fee). After giving a thought for two days and some supportive words from my friends over facebook, I finally decided to buy it today (March 8)!

Once arrived at the seen, I pointed the bag to Jeff. I think he remembers me. The instant thing he asked me is “do I have an Ipad?” I actually thought he wanted to sell me something else, but he actually wanted to give me a gift with the purchase. I told him I do not have an Ipad. So, he exchanged it with a mouse, as the gift. Instead of RM168, I was given the price of RM166. In the fair, credit card was allowed without further charge. I was asked to keep the receipt for future exchange – which he mentioned I can walk into any outlets that sell Targus bags (but I really wonder how true it is).

I am perfectly happy with the service and determination shown by the sales assistant, Jeff Mok. I really think there should be more sales assistants in the market that have such passion and enthusiasm to sell their companies’ product. Wishing him all the best in his future sales!

As for the bag, so far, I am excited and happy with it. But, I have not really used it yet. I planned to make this as a long-term travel bag, rather than a laptop bag.  Hope I really enjoy using this bag!

One thought on “Targus Cobra Lite Backpack from All IT Hypermarket fair/sale @ Ikano Power Centre

  1. Targus has a life time limited warranty, covering manufacturer’s defect.
    Its important that you keep the receipt in a safe place just incase you want to claim for a replacement.

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