Ensure with FOS 900g @ Fairchem Pharmacy Corp Sdn Bhd, SS 2/67

I recently spoke about the benefits of Ensure with FOS on my health. Basically, it has helped me regain my immune system after being hospitalized. However, the setback is the cost. It is relatively expensive. In the market, the average price for a tin of 400g is RM 32.90 (which comes to about RM 0.08225 per g).

There is also a bigger tin, which is 900g. Averagely, it cost RM 68.30 (which comes to about RM 0.0758888 per g). Compared to the 400g tin, one can save about RM2.54 (while 2 tin,800g saves you RM 5.08). Well, whether it is worth it or not, also depends on the frequency of consuming Ensure with FOS. I read at its instruction that it has to be consumed within 3 weeks upon opening. Also, as far as I am concerned, there is only one flavor for the 900g tin that is vanilla flavor. On the other hand, the 400g has vanilla, chocolate and strawberry flavors. Therefore, it also depends on your preference flavor. But, I personally feel, three of the flavors are as good.

I bought the 900g tin also because I found it at a cheaper price from Fairchem Pharmacy Corp Sdn Bhd located at SS2/67. The pharmacy is located in the same row of Isenbin. The tin cost RM 63 (currently, its promotion). This is of course extra savings for me. When I asked for the bigger tin Ensure with FOS, which is placed at the front counter, the sales assistant did take the initiative to check for the expiry date of the tin. Glad that it will only expire in 2014, which means, it is less probably be an old stock.


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