So does the acupuncture really work?

I have spoken about how hubby’s back has improved since his visit to Yee Chou Acupuncture, located at Taman Megah, Petaling Jaya. However, after the last round and about two weeks later, the back pain has returned. We paid the same acupuncturist a visit again (few times actually) and he was surprised too that the pain has returned that fast. Hubby went through the same process again and was not given any medicine (which could be the last resort).


Accompanying hubby to the acupuncture centre, it makes me observe some things. Well, the price that the acupuncturist charges is not standard. It seems that he has compassion to the elderly and I saw him charging the elderly lady as low as RM 20 (for the same kind of treatment – of acupuncture without medication). Another lady (which is younger than the first eldery) was charged at RM 30. Tony charges RM 40 per session to mostly working adults.


Not sure if hubby will be truly cured by the acupuncture process, but hopefully. We will be patience to wait-and-see.

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