MOF Japanese Sweets & Coffee @ Sunway Pyramid

Our initial plan was to dine at Pasta Zanmai. However, it was full and we needed to put our names on their waiting list. Given that we were already hungry, we decided to search for another eatery at Sunway Pyramid.


We actually passed by MOF Japanese Sweets & Coffee many times but never actually tasted the food and beverage there. So, I made the decision to test it out. MOF actually stands for Ministry of Food, as indicated on the waiters’ t-shirts.


Well, there were many people at the café. In fact, in the café itself, excluding those that were sitting outside of the café, we were only the third table there. This makes it perfectly quiet ambience. In the menu, it states that MOF provides protected wireless connection (which is true that they have). The food they have range from pasta, sushi, bento and dessert. One difference from their pasta menu was there was curry pasta. However, at the end, I did not choose the curry pasta but went for the tomato pasta that comes with soft shell crab (they did not have soft shell crab on their curry pasta). On the other hand, hubby decided to go for the salmon bento. And, we decided to get their hot pot of green tea.


We asked for the waiter, only to realise that it works like the Hong Kong cafés where we actually needed to write down our orders on the sheet provided. However, the waiter decided to jot down for us. He recommended hubby to go for the set bento, which also comes with miso soup and potato. The food came in 10 minutes.


Well, I would say that the food is normal. We will still prefer Pasta Zanmai if given the choice of both. Price wise, I think they are almost competitive. At the end, we did not order dessert, as we find it a little too costly (but they do have a wide range of desserts).

On service, we are not sure why – even though there weren’t many people, the waiter insist of taking away the menus, which we prefer that it is left on the table – for us to think if we would like to add orders. It was two to three times that they wanted to take away the menu from our table. Also, the waiters (especially one of them) weren’t really pro-active in adding hot water to our jar of green tea until we ask them to do so.


I don’t think we will return to them, unless if there’s a need for a quiet ambience.

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