Home yoga practice via you tube videos

I had my “last” yoga practice with Manasa yoga before the Chinese New Year break. And, I decided to stop my practice there. Just for one simple reason – they weren’t responsive to my query on whether an extension of class could be given for the one week Chinese New Year break (through their facebook). I won’t be offended if they answered me no, nor would I mind if they could have private message about the issue. I don’t think this is the kind of “customer service” that they should be giving to their loyal students.

Nevertheless, I still have great respect to the yoga master and some teachers there. They (the administrators) definitely need to learn to answer their students’ queries over facebook. And, it wasn’t that they weren’t active at facebook. To cut it short, I have stopped my practice at the centre currently and went into home yoga practice.

One benefit of home yoga practice of course is it is FREE. And, I found great short videos, usually at the length of 20 minutes. The better ones are from Yoga Journal and psychetruth.net videos.

Well, I think one can do such home practice if one just want to maintain the current flexible and already know the basics to yoga practice. This is to ensure that you do not hurt yourself. Also, one has to have the self-discipline and ensure that there is no distraction at home. I would suggest that one start by one video at one time, maybe twice or thrice a week. Then, add one or two more videos as you go along. Well, it works for me. And, I was indeed surprised that I have the motivation to go along. In fact, I have been practicing longer time compared to the previous once a week class.

I hope to continue this for as long as possible. However, I still have the itch to get back to yoga classes, if not the same yoga centre – I don’t mind a new centre too! I think at times some coaching is necessary. This is especially if I have the itch, time and patience to further improve my yoga flexibility.

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