Rotten eggs – Nutriplus Omega-3 Jumbo

It has been about three to four months since we switched to Nutriplus Omega-3 Jumbo. Initially, it was fine. But then, we found more and more rotten eggs each time. They usually look good externally, but when cooked (half boiled), it stinks like mad. Hubby, who has been taking half boiled eggs every weekday morning, has never complained about getting bored of eggs. But, several incidents of smelly and rotten eggs from Nutriplus Omega-3 Jumbo has got him on nerves to stop consuming half boiled eggs, at least for now. The recent one incident, we had about four rotten eggs out of 10. We are truly disappointed. I found that the easily rotten eggs are usually soft in its shelf.

So, we have stopped buying these eggs, as for now. And, it is unlikely for us to buy them in the future. And, I believe the listed company, Lay Hong Bhd, which produces Nutriplus products, should do something about it! They had a competitive advantage that they produce jumbo eggs, but they have to watch the quality too.

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