Isenbin: Authentic Taiwanese Handmade Desserts at SS2

Lately, hubby and I (or rather me) have gone madness on Isenbin, which is located in SS2 and next to Starbucks. We actually get the first taste on Isenbin in January on a Monday when we were looking for shelter during a heavy rain. Hubby bought their dessert which was exactly the kind from Snowflake. On the first taste, hubby said it was not bad and the portion was big.

We returned weeks later. At first I didn’t want to take any dessert or drink, but then I started with Isenbin Covermilk Black Tea (similar to the ones we find in Gong Cha and Chatime). Surprisingly, it was tasty. And the story goes on. It was since then, we visited it almost every week. I now have a preference for their Isenbin Covermilk  Oolong Tea (I also tried its Isenbin Covermilk Fresh Milk Tea).

Currently, I think it is nicer than Chatime and Gong Cha – maybe because I am getting bored with the latter two. As mentioned, they also served the similar dessert as Snowflake and with a bigger portion. However, the place is much quieter compared to the three other dessert places. What makes it special – it is a combination of Snowflake and Chatime/ Gong Cha. The current setback could be we can’t really control the sugar level of the drinks. Moving forward (or maybe already), they are serving food. The menu is already up but it did not serve so far.

Another competitive advantage of Isenbin compared to Snowflake is – the former has ice flavour like soybean, nut and grass jelly regardless of the season – unlike Snowflake, which has these flavours for particular period of time.

Pricewise, it is the same as the norm. Drink is going out about RM 5.90 while the dessert is RM 6.50. Service wise, they are better – at least they greet us “Welcome” and “thank you” compared to the other three – most probably because they are fewer customers in Isenbin. Thus, the place has nicer ambience too to chat or meet up with friends.  It was only once when there were quite a number of customers who bought discount vouchers, the place was packed on a Friday night. At that time, they lack staff to clear the tables. But, it was only that time. Otherwise, it is fine. Another setback could be, currently this is the only outlet. So, to enjoy our Isenbin desserts and drinks, we can only have it at SS2.

I think we will still frequent Isenbin till one day we are off the addiction or decided to cut down on this dessert/ drink. Currently, they are having promotion where if you spend above RM 10, you are entitled to a draw. We had few draws already and the prizes range from having a free dessert on the next visit, half price for the next dessert and one extra  chop on their loyalty card. Yes, they are having loyalty card – where for every 10 drinks and/or dessert, you will enjoy a free dessert/drink. Hubby and I have claimed one.

Isenbin Covermilk Oolong Tea

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