Clarins product from BestBuy Malaysia

I came to know about BestBuy Malaysia site ( months ago through google search engine when I was looking for affordable Clarins product. However, the site has limited Clarins items. Most of them are sample sizes, which I actually don’t really mind.


Only of late, I wanted to get HydraQuench Cream after being advised by my beauty therapist, Karen to try out this product with Clarins Lotus Oil. I spotted the item available in BestBuy Malaysia – which comes in three pieces of 15ml for RM 130 (RM 2.88 per ml). It says that the standard price would be RM 195 (as stated in the website). So, I went to check on strawberry net, which has become my benchmark in pricing Clarins products. The HydraQuench Cream of 50ml is worth RM 180.50 (RM3.61 per ml). So, I decided on the product given the savings. Also, I wanted to try out Clarins Gentle Eye Make Up Remover Lotion. BestBuy Malaysia has the sample size ones of 30ml for RM 17 (RM 0.56 per ml). A check on the strawberry net site, it is RM 95 for 125 ml (RM 0.76 per ml).


I read on the BestBuy Malaysia’s site and policy before I proceeded. I found that for purchase of RM 100, there will be no delivery charge. However, if we wanted the items to be despatch personally to us, an additional charge will be imposed. Also, it was stated that delivery will only be made in work weekdays. In addition, I found that it is also possible for customers to pay upon delivery of the items (probably this will involve despatch charges).


So, I gave it a try. I posted my order late Friday night (Feb 10). I first need to create an account before I could proceed. Also, the billing and mailing address can be different. Once submitted, an order confirmation (Order Number: 38545) was emailed to me. I made my payment via Maybank 2u, and upon payment, I needed to email them my name, order number, date and time of transaction, bank name and total amount, attaching the online payment slip. The total payment made was RM 147, with free delivery.

On Monday morning (Feb 13, 10.43 am), I received an email from their customer service, saying that they will post out the parcel by the same day. I received the parcel in good hand on the next day. They actually bubble wrap the items before couriering it out. The items are brand new (but I haven’t used them yet). It is also stated in the website that the products are genuine (and hopefully this is true).

Overall, I am satisfied with their service. It is just unfortunate that they have limited Clarins items. I am hoping that they would have more Clarins items on board. They have many kinds of brands and products in their site. It will be just a matter of whether it suits you. I will be their return customer provided they have items that I need and if I find them at discount.


Since strawberry net is located in Hong Kong, I think BestBuy Malaysia has an advantage in terms of time of delivery. While I needed to wait up to two weeks for items in strawberry net, I could actually get my items from BestBuy Malaysia in one working day.


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