Yee Chou Acupuncturist at Taman Megah, Petaling Jaya

Hubby was suffering from back ache for quite sometime. After seeing specialist with no help, his colleagues recommended him to see an acupuncturist and he told him there is one at Taman Megah, which is above the corner lot Secret Recipe.

So, hubby started to make a trip there on the federal holiday. He was approached by Tony Wang, who spoke more on Mandarin and slight English. He explained his concern to Tony and the acupuncture starts. It was then followed by some bone alignments. All together, it took about 45 to 60 minutes. The session cost RM 40. Tony then advised hubby to come another three times (in a span of 6 days). Each session went along the same way. I only went along with hubby on the third time onwards. On the fourth visit, Tony asked hubby to come another round in five days time, which was today. No medication was given. After each session, he advises hubby not to make big movements to the body for the next two hours.

There was improvement felt by hubby after each session. And, since the second or third session, hubby has not got any pain on the back, which causes him to wake up in the wee hours. Today’s session, Tony told hubby that he need not return to the acupuncturist unless the pain returns. So, for the total five sessions, it costs hubby RM200.

Well, see how it goes – hopefully the pain will not return. Tony also advises hubby to get a new mattress, which we did. On the first day, he told hubby to stop hardcore exercises first. Although he was not really good conversing in English to us, he tried his best to explain. He was recently transferred from the Kepong’s branch to the Taman Megah’s branch. So, the name card below is his old card. There are other acupuncturists in the centre that could converse in Cantonese. I guess once the “patient” starts with an acupuncturist, it would unlikely be transferred to another acupuncturist in the same centre.


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