Vinic Tyre Services @ SS2/103, Petaling Jaya

Our first time with them is when hubby needed to change his car tyre. It was then, we realised that Viniv Tyre Services do offer normal car services. In addition, it was the experience with them that we realise that our usual mechanic, Ching Seng  Car Cool Service Centre, which is located few doors away wasn’t that honest. Thereafter, we have been servicing both our cars with Vinic.

When hubby first changed his tyres, there were some issues. The boss of Vinic Tyre Service tried his best to solve the problem. When it was not possible, he even referred hubby to another mechanic that specialises in car tyre.

We find that he is quite honest in evaluation of the car – during car services. For example, when my car was sent for service yesterday, we just left the car there while we went to the wet market. Hubby told him to check the battery supply and other parts. Hubby left the phone number for him to call us if there’s any problem or change in car parts needed. One hour later, we returned and the car was ready. The boss told us that the battery has been used for one and half year plus, and just needed to add battery water. This actually tells us that he does not change any part unnecessarily.

Well, so far, we are satisfied with them. But, like always, we still have to be careful with mechanics. Price wise, I guess it is reasonable.  For change of tyre, if I am not mistaken, it was RM 5-20 per tyre more expensive, compared to the some other shops we heard about. Nevertheless, I guess that is where their margin is to sustain the business. The mechanic has one or two workers assisting him. The waiting time depends on the number of customers they have at one time.

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