Electronic products can be more expensive from community store.

I guess I am naïve to think that big electronic stores like Best Denki always offer price at high mark up price compared to community stores like Jintex Electronics. It is until I checked on the price of Electrolux Blender EBR2601 at Best Denki, Tropicana Mall today. The blender was priced RM 19 cheaper than the one I bought. It was the current promotion going on, I guess. Well, I think the lesson learnt is never assume that big and/or franchise electronic shops always sell at higher mark up price.



One thought on “Electronic products can be more expensive from community store.

  1. Hey, thanks for the info. Actually sometimes chained store offer slightly cheaper small items as compare to store like us. That is avoidable as they purchase over 500pcs to 1000pcs at one purchase. And sometimes manufacturers offer a special deal for them on display for certain period.

    Anyway not to worry though, if they is a fourth purchase, i would made sure that i made it up to you. Would definately offer you a special deal.


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