Esso and Mobil Smiles member

Hubby has been Esso and Mobil Smiles member for years. He will take the extra initiative to find an Esso and Mobil station each time because he finds that it is the “best” reward among the other petrol station. The membership is free but one has to swipe the card at least once a year. Being a member, for every RM 1 spent on any Esso or Mobil service station, the member will receive 1 Smiles Point.


What actually attracts hubby is the instant rewards, where for a purchase of RM3,000 petrol (which gives him 3,000 smiles point) enable him to get a RM 45 worth of Synergy fuel. This is actually 1.5% discount.


Nevertheless, I find that it is too troublesome for me to find an Esso or Mobil station. And, thus I do not have the patience to “wait till I find one”. Anyhow, if there is an Esso or Mobil station within your vicinity, it can be rewarding to have your petrol pumped there – and present your Esso and Mobil Smiles card.

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