Clarins Welcome Pack – RM 120 off treatment voucher

I have joined as Clarins’ member since early last November. In the welcome pack, I was given a RM 120 off treatment voucher, which I could utilise for any treatment with the outlet where I registered my membership. The voucher will expire in three months, and therefore I got to utilise it before early February.


I utilise it for my normal skin treatment, which is the detox and shine stopper. So, instead of paying the normal RM 228, I only need to fork out RM 108.


Well, so far, I think I am a happy Clarins’ member. And, I am satisfied with the service provided by it’s the Curve’s outlet. Nevertheless, what I think they could improve would be: be more transparent to their points system. If I am not mistaken, I can only view my total points if I asked their consultant/ therapist to check for me, and not on the receipt. Also, I think the total points are not updated instantaneously, as previously when I checked with them, the consultant manually calculated for me the accumulated points plus the points I collected on the spot.

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