Electrolux Blender EBR 2601 from Jintex Electronics

After the second satisfactory purchased from Jintex Electronics, we have actually targeted to purchase a blender from them. I have browsed through their website and found the model I wanted, which is EBR 2600, which priced at RM 220.

I actually wanted to purchase it after I received an annual bonus, but the Chinese New Year angpaus received have enabled us to purchase it faster than expected. So, we contacted Kevin from Jintex via sms on the first day they re-open for business after their break. However, there wasn’t any reply. Hubby decided to give them a ring, and was told that the model EBR 2600 has now been replaced by EBR 2601. There was stock and we went to its shop since we were nearby.

At the shop, we were entertained by the lady boss (Christine). We were shown few models and asked about the functions that we wanted. Given that we want to snow blend, she recommended us the model EBR 2601, which is a glass blender. It was going out at RM 198. We tested the item (which they took from their store room) and paid it on the spot. This time around, I did not ask for any free gift, and they did not offer me any. They sent the warranty card for me to Electrolux and told me to keep the warranty card together with the receipt given by them. We were told to bring back the receipt and warranty card to their shop, if there’s any problem. The warranty given is 2 years.

It was a day later Kevin replied my sms saying that the blender EBR 2601 is going out at RM 198.

In short, to check on the stock availability of the items that you want and if urgently wanted, it is best to give a direct call to them, rather than sending a sms.

5 thoughts on “Electrolux Blender EBR 2601 from Jintex Electronics

  1. Where u buy this EBR2601 with price at RM198?? I just saw it in a electrical shop, they selling RM399 LESS discount RM350.00. Is’t same as your, I not sure. But I know that is glass jug & 500W.

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