Ziccotees’ Personalised and Ready-to-Wear T-shirt Designs using Groupon Voucher

I was attracted to personalise t-shirts back in last September. And, coincidently, Groupon has the promotion on “Personalised and Ready-to-Wear T-shirt Designs for RM25 instead of RM49.90. For Men / Women”. I bought two of them; intending to design on both t-shirts, which is one for myself and one for hubby. My vouchers’ code are 11301363551G2 and 11301363551.


I was all excited to design it, but following its instruction, soon I felt it was kind of troublesome to design it. It could be probably because I don’t have the art talent. Also, I found out that we can upload the pictures and wordings, but there would not be preview shown after the submission. So, one may be crossing the fingers that the design will come out as expected.


The “project” was delayed. Also, it was because we were busy with our wedding stuff. It was until December that we remembered that it will be expiring soon.


At the end, we choose the ready-to-wear t-shirt designs. I had problem placing the order (their voucher codes’ error) and posted on their facebook. Zicco asked me to email them, which I did on Dec 27. Then, re-emailed me another code and asked me to follow the steps provided in the email. I was then given an order code: Custom T-shirts: Order ZT-2409-10. In the email, it was stated that it will be self-collected (from their new office in Section 14, PJ) in seven days.


A week later (Jan 5), I emailed them to check on the progress and was told that the order was not completed yet and will take about 7 to 10 working days. I re-checked with them on Jan 16 (which is more than 10 working days) and was told not ready. The reason was there were too many last minute orders from groupon purchasers (like us). It was around evening on Jan 16, I received the order completed email from them.


We only had time to collect from them today (Jan 27) from their office, which is a home office (bungalow house). I brought along the printed groupon voucher but was asked for the order number to track. While searching for my email over the phone, the man then told that he can actually track using my name. I gave him my name and then he looked for the shirts. And, I collected the shirt on the spot.


Well, I think it would be more worthy if one knows how to design and customise the t-shirts. This is because I believe the pre-design ones could be easily available in the market and at affordable prices. Zicco should also add an additional function for customers to preview the designs. I also believe that they could improve if they update their customers when the orders cannot be given on time.



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