Travel insurance from

About three to four weeks before we went Hong Kong, we actually contacted’s owner, Mr Loi for travel insurance. He told us that he no longer offer travel insurance to the public because most travellers already bought it from their travel agents.  He also mentioned that airliners are offering travel insurance when you purchased the ticket from them. Nevertheless, he told us that if we are interested, he can still help us process it. He enclosed us the documents related to the travel insurance.


Without much hesitation, we filled up the form and scan it to him. The premium is RM 65 for two persons travelling five days. Despite a very low premium (meaning a very low commission), Mr Loi made every effort to ensure that the coverage takes effect. This includes having to go forth to the insurance company (on the same time he does his business) and emailing me to ensure details are accurate. All these were completed in 13 working days.


I still think it is an easy choice to do this online. For a little premium, we get coverage for lost of baggage, flight delays, personal accident during the trip and etc, though we don’t wish it would happen. I really salute Mr Loi’s effort and patience for making sure that the policy went through.

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