K Care Shop @ SS 2/64

After my first experience with K Care Shop at Damansara Utama, I have actually frequented K Care Shop at SS2 for two to three times without much actual experience. It is until yesterday I stepped in to their shop get “oil” for dry hair-split ends.


There was already a customer who the sales assistant was attending to. She explains a lot to the customer. She smiled at me and asked her helper (foreign maid) to attend to me. However, her helper could not lend a hand to me and the sales assistant actually asked her helper to go above the shop to get other sales assistant help. No one was free to attend to me. So, the sales assistant asked me to wait for a while after asking what I would like to have. During the waiting time, I saw how attentive the sales assistant is in explaining to the customer (who at the end bought an amount above RM 350 – as I overheard she managed to get the free bird nests). Due to the many items that the customer purchased, the sales assistant offered to help carry the items to the car (but the customer declined). So, the sales assistant merely opened the shop’s glass door for the customer.


Right after the customer left, the sales assistant attended to me. I told her that I was looking for oilment for the hair-end. First, she recommended me something, which is oil-form. After her recommendation, I further tell her my concern and she recommended me another product, which is the textural conditional. She also taught me how to apply the conditional, which is used after normal shampooing and conditioning.


The bottle cost about RM 48.60 (which she mentioned, if not mistaken, after a 30% discount). She asked if I needed anything else, which I said no. I went to the counter to make the payment. I repeated the same question on how to apply the textural conditional since I was slightly confused. With no fuss, the sales assistant re-explained it again. Though only one item, seeing me carrying a lot of stuff, the sales assistant helped me open the glass door, as per previous customer.


I certainly feel that their customer service is good, regardless of the amount purchased.

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