GPS Q4033 Screen Protector from E Media Technology, Tropicana City Mall

Since we were at Tropicana City Mall for grocery shopping, we tried looking for the GPS screen protector that we needed but did not buy at Digital Mall. So, we went up to second floor to enquire. Two shops referred us to E Media Technology, which is located in front of Maxis.

The lady told us that the screen protector cost RM 45. We asked for a lower price, which she declined. In the end, we agreed to it. I noticed that she was diligent in cleaning the GPS before putting on the screen.

When she was cleaning the phone, we enquired about her pricing for the GPS, which was the same, RM 399. She says if we take the external charger, cover and screen protector, it will be additional RM 100.

We calculated: besides the screen protector of RM 45, the external charger is RM 20 and cover is RM 20. Therefore, we only paid in total RM 85 for these three items. In this case, I think we actually saved RM 15 for not getting the three items from her.

Nevertheless, I would say her service is definitely better than what we got in Digital Mall.

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