Mix & Match 3 for RM 50 @ Brands Outlet

We were at Brands Outlet @ One Utama today. We found that some graphic t-shirts which are quite interesting. One piece was going out at RM 19.90 and if one is to pick 3 pieces, it will be RM 50. We found one that could probably describe father in law. Then, hubby choose another for himself at the male section and I choose one for myself at the female section. All three had the tags “mix & match 3 for RM 50”. However, upon payment at cashier, the cashier assistant told us that we are not allowed to mix and match ladies and men clothes. So, we have to choose another men’s t-shirt and abandon the idea of getting the t-shirts for myself.

It does not really make sense to us that they do not allow us to mix and match ladies and men clothes, which have same pricing. Well, at least, they should put some signage that this is not allowed.

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