4 times Gel Polish @ HRH Nail Studio, SS2

I have misunderstood that the manicure gel polish is priced at RM 90 per session when I was at HRH Nail Studio, Section 17. I was at its SS2 studio on November 11, 2011 to enjoy their Friday promo. Amy, who served me at Section 17, was the one serving me again in the SS2 branch and I was told that the one at Section 17 is temporarily closed due to lack of staff. I was told that the RM 90 per session is merely for the gel polish, which excludes the manicure service. So, there will be an additional RM 35 (or so) for the manicure service. This implies that the gel manicure service in total will be RM 125.


Amy said that they were having promotion whereby I can sign up 4 times gel polish for RM 300, which means RM 75 per session, instead of RM 125. And, this includes the soak off service. There’s actually a total savings of RM 500. At that point of time, it would be my second last gel manicure service before the wedding. If I did not sign up for the package, I will be paying RM 89.90 (Friday promotion) plus RM 125, which are RM 214.90 for two sessions. Pondering for some time, I finally agreed to take up the package.


Actually, I went to the SS2 branch hoping that I will have a better service compared to the previous round. However, their older and more experienced staff has left (whom I rated quite well for my first few visits). Well, not much advice/ recommendation on the gel nail colour I could get from Amy. I also gave up on getting gel nail art for the wedding (to save up some cost and because I wasn’t too confident with Amy).


So, I went there again on Tuesday for the third session thinking that they will be having their Toesday, which they said no longer valid. This time around, I have my nails cut rather short since the wedding was over. In just a week, the two nails have chipped in. I am totally disappointed. I have one more session left, and hope to complete it in a month’s time or so. That will probably be my last gel manicure from HRH Nail Studio. I will have to get back to the shop for another round after the 4th visit to soak off the gel manicure. Thinking about the parking and time, I am rather reluctant to go. I think I regret signing up the package.  And, their service is no longer as good as my first mention.

The ring finger nail chipped in within a week

I also feel that they are rather inconsistent with their promotions. Also, pricing of their services should have been mentioned clearly.

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