Electrolux Juice Extractor from Jintex Electronics


My health has taken a toll. Taking more vitamins is no longer an option but a necessity. I have been pondering into getting a juice extractor for the longest time, and has decided to do so – as it has become necessary for me to take more fruit/ fruit juices.


We were looking for juice extractors from many malls since last weekend. But, finally put an eye on this model Electrolux Juice Extractor Model EJE3000 and saw the price from Jintex Electronics online website – RM 350. I have decided to get it from Jintex and so made a call yesterday to check the stock availability. Yesterday, the call was picked up by the lady boss, who said that they need to order the stock, which will take about two to three days. So, I was pondering and also waiting to ask hubby about the decision. I also went through some bigger electronic shops online (like Best and SengQ) and gave them calls to find that there wasn’t any stock. By night, with the affirmation given by hubby, I have decided to purchase from Jintex.


Today, about 1.35 pm, I made a call to Jintex and spoke to the man boss, Kevin, who was the one who sent the washing machine to our place the previous time. I told him that I would like to place a booking for the juicer. I gave him some personal details and he said that he will call me once the stock arrives. In an hour time, I received a sms from Kevin that the stock has arrived (or was it an old stock?) and he is charging me RM 345 instead of RM 350. So, I went to the shop, which located at Seapark. Kevin showed me the machine, tested it out and repacked it. It looks totally brand new. Braving myself, I asked if there is free gift for the item. He initially said no, but later told me that I can take the free cookie jars. He offered to carry the box to my car, but I said that I could manage it myself.


Overall, I am satisfied with the service. In both experiences with them, I feel more comfortable dealing with Kevin rather than the lady boss. The only setback of the shop is the location, whereby it is really difficult to get parking.

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