Bridal make up with Ivy Too

I started enquiring about Ivy Too’s bridal make up service back in November 2010.  Quotation was given and some brief explanation over the email was given. The initial pricing for wedding day and dinner on the same day was RM 650. So, I have decided to give a trial make up at her place on Dec 27, 2010 (previously, in Puchong), whereby the trial make up session is RM 80 (refundable upon confirmation) and hair do trial will be RM 80 (which is not refundable). At that point of time, my skin was bad and she took extra care to cover up the pimples. The end result was satisfactory. Ivy even gave me some advice on how take care of my skin and so forth. She was really professional and was never pushy about products. After few days, I decided to book her, so I paid her the remaining of RM 300, which is RM 220 as a deposit. I booked her for the wedding day and dinner (without staying back), which was RM 630 at that point.


Throughout the period till our actual wedding day, which was Dec 3, 2011, Ivy and I have been keeping in touch. We spoke about how the fringe should be cut, how I should protect my skin with sunscreen, the kind of gown colours I should choose for my fair skin, how important it is to make up in the restaurant rather at home for the night session and so forth. All email responses was prompt.


When the day was approaching, I also emailed her the gowns that I have chosen and accessories that was given to me. Ivy also provides renting of accessories if she deem necessary for the bride (but a deposit will be required).


The day finally arrived and Ivy arrived earlier than expected. All make up was well done and because my skin has improved a lot compared to a year ago, she needed about two hours to do both the make up and hair do. Also, I changed my mind and wanted her to stay back during the dinner, which she did. At the end, the total bill was RM 800, whereby I needed to pay her RM 500, minusing the earlier deposit. Besides that, I needed to arrange the dinner for her during her stay back.


Comment: Make up and hair do well done. However, since I lived in a condo and parking was an issue, I was initially a little frustrated (make me have to worry another thing when I was already stressed up) that she wanted me to arrange parking for her given that it was in the wee hour. I try to empathise and at the end, I did. Then, when she arrived, I realized that she was pregnant, but she came with her husband. Other than that, unlike other make up artist I known (from other people’s wedding), Ivy does not really help me with the nu bra (which I had a problem with) and also the gowns. The excuse could probably be she is pregnant? This part disappointed me partly. Otherwise, I would still consider her as a good make up artist and certainly like her punctuality.

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