Traditional Chinese Wedding Accessories @ Pusat Pertukangan Tangan Foong Foong, Seri Kembangan

We were brought by mother-in-law and aunt-in-law to Pusat Pertukangan Tangan Foong Foong located at Seri Kembangan. The shop is on the main road (Jalan Besar), making it difficult to get parking or even to stop over. The shop is just half a lot, and upon entry, I think I was a little disappointed with the number of items there (I expected a lot more).


As we did not know the actual things that we need to get for the wedding/ guo dai lai ceremony, the lady actually explained some of the things needed. But she did not do it in a way that it “must have”. The lady was patient with her explanation but felt a little irritated when mother-in-law and aunt-in-law started to “invade” some of the items.


Most of the items are labeled with prices. And, when we agreed to some of the things needed like the tea ceremony set and lamp, she took new stocks and allowed us to check the items. However, note that not all items are cheap, some are relatively expensive. For instance, the pillow set, which can be obtained from pasar malam at RM 29 is sold there at RM 45. The lady is also unwilling to mark down the prices though it is the second time mother-in-law came to this shop (previously, for sister-in-law’s wedding). The lady only slight marked down on the total bill by few cents.

Well, we came to this shop not by choice, as it is what mother-in-law wanted. If you are living faraway in PJ, I don’t really think it is worth getting from here, especially if you know what are the things needed. Some of the things needed and wrapped in a basket can be packed by yourself – which I think will be definitely cheaper than buying from this shop.


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