Second round of pajamas purchase from

After assured by the quality of the pajamas from the first purchase, I placed another order on the pajamas on Sunday, Nov 6. The ones that I choose are 17A5002, 17A5012, 17A5029, 17A5130, 17A5023 and 17A5138. The total amount comes to RM 118. As promised for the delay in the previous purchase, I was given a 15% discount. So, it came to about RM 100.30. I made the money transfer immediately and accidentally transferred RM 103. Immediately, before notifying Joseph, he messaged me that I have transferred wrongly. He asked me for my bank account and transferred the balance, RM 2.70 to my account.

The parcel was sent out on Tuesday since Monday was a holiday, and I received it on the next day. Given that my company has an unfriendly receptionist on duty yesterday, I was rather reluctant to bug the receptionist to find out if my parcel has arrived. I messaged Joseph and he actually personally tracked the item for me, instead of giving me the tracking number. He also updated me on the progress of the parcel.

I would like to reiterate that is certainly a trustable online clothing site. As before, the quality of pajamas, so far, is acceptable.  One tip to buying garments from would be look closely into the pictures before deciding, especially on pajamas, as certain of them can be illusive.

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