Canon IXUS 220HS from DY Divine Sdn Bhd, Digital Mall Section 14

We initially wanted to purchase an extra memory stick for our old camera. We dropped by at DY Divine Sdn Bhd located at 1st floor Digital Mall on last Sunday, Nov 6. The sales assistant, James, told us that the memory stick is no longer available but we can purchase a memory card, 8gb for RM 150. Pondering for some time, thinking that the camera we have is more than four years old, it is quite outdated and thus we decided to ask about a new camera.


We told James our budget of around RM 700 and his first introduction was Canon IXUS 220HS that was going out at RM699. He told us about the functions and compared with other camera models/ brands. We were told that similar function from Sony will cost more expensive while Olypmus camera can have cheaper pricing but with the risk of malfunction. He took quite some time to explain to us. Finally, we decided with this camera model, which came in three colours. I choose the black model.


To avoid additional charge, we opted to pay in cash, and thus required us to get to the ATM machine. We came back later, and James got the camera ready. In addition to the camera, we added on an additional 8gb memory card that cost RM 45, camera lens filter RM 90 and additional battery RM 80 (normal price is RM 90), where the total bill comes to RM 914 (while he charged us RM 910). It comes with a pouch, screen protector and a 4gb memory card. James also showed us how to use the camera after setting it up.


Overall, we have a pleasant service given by James. After payment was made, though there were potential customers hanging around, James asked his colleague to help handle those potential customers while continuing to entertain or help us with our new camera. Good explanation was also provided.

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