Summer Pet Sdn Bhd @ SS2

Since it was a public holiday yesterday, we fear that many pet saloons will be closed. We made two calls; one was The Pet Family at Taman Megah, Petaling Jaya while the other was Summer Pet Sdn Bhd located at SS2. We found that the former charges RM 85 for pet grooming on our Shih Tzu, while the latter charges RM 80. For cost savings, we went to Summer Pet.


We went to the Summer Pet (about 12 something) with our Shih Tzu and told the lady that we wanted pet grooming. We requested for “poodle” leg. The lady with unfriendly face issued us an invoice of RM 80 with a remark that we wanted poodle leg. Usually, the request will require an additional charge of RM 10, so we decided to ask the lady, who did not respond to us. Then, we asked what time could we pick up our pet, which she answered reluctantly “about 5 to 6pm, I will call you.”


We came back to pick up our Shih Tzu at about 7pm. We did not receive any call from the shop. Also, when we told her that we are picking up our pet, she went into the back of the shop and then came back requesting us to pay first. Our pet was only shown to us after we made the payment, which is the opposite of how we are shown the pet first before payment made – in all other pet saloons that we have been so far.


We are really feeling dejected with the bad customer service given. The only advantage is that the poodle leg service was free, where the total bill comes to RM 80, instead of RM 90. Well, if compared to our usual pet saloon, I think the “pet stylish” is less than perfect.

One thought on “Summer Pet Sdn Bhd @ SS2

  1. Regardless the lady or the man (siblings) both has the worst attitude ever as a boss to run a petshop. The way they answer the phone I feel like telling them if it’s too stressful for you to run the business please close it. Don’t show your dissatisfaction of the day to the customer and those pets. I don’t feel safe to leave my pets under such people who doesn’t show passion in their work. All they care is to make money .

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