Gift bags from Q Cute Enterprise @ Jalan Petaling, KL

We were looking for gift bags for our door gift. While The Wedding Cottage can offer us at 40 sen, we were reluctant, as we are getting 500 pieces. So, we went to Petaling Street yesterday and visited few shops. We even bumped into one shop owner who was offering the gift bag at 50 sen and refuse to give us the quote for 500 pieces. She even mentioned that it is “impossible” for us to get the 500 pieces in one or two weeks, and it will take at least one month. She even sarcastically says that there was a couple who is getting married in December actually made orders from her back in July. I really did not like her way of pinpointing us. What about those shotgun marriages – would that mean that they will never get gifts in time for their wedding?  (Too bad, I never noted the shop name)

Finally, our last stop was at Q Cute Enterprise, which is located quite a far end from Petaling Street. They were selling the gift bag that we want at 50 sen per piece, and when we told her that we want 500 pieces, she instantly told us that she can offer them at 22 sen. We asked if we need to place an order, which she says that she has stock for 500 pieces. We choose the colour that we wanted and she asked her staff to take out the 500 pieces. Although packed in 100 pieces in a bag, they took the effort to re-count the gift bags for us.

The shop owner also was friendly and marketing her other goods. She did not push the products but explain to us the gifts that people usually give during wedding, for example, chopstick and it represents unity between the two. She also emphasizes saying that there is a need for a lot of money for a wedding, and thus, there is need to cut cost on some things.

Overall, we like the shop, although smaller and less items compared to other shops in the same row of the street. The point is that though she carries less variety of stocks, she has available stock – even in bulk, and not sarcastic in pinpointing the customers for being “late” (which I feel a business owner/ sales assistant should never do).  Most importantly, the shop owner is friendly and easy to relate to, while she empathizes the needs of the customers.

Compared to The Wedding Cottage’s 40 sen per piece, we manage to save RM90 for a 22 sen per piece.

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