Klinik HM @ Section 17, Petaling Jaya

I came to know about Klinik HM @ Section 17, Petaling Jaya, as the clinic is my company’s current panel doctor. The clinic has another branch in Phileo Damansara, and basically, there are two main doctors to the clinic, who both have stark different personalities.

The male doctor, Dr Chuan, is the better doctor, compared to the female doctor (I don’t remember her name since I don’t see her often). Why the difference? Dr Chuan actually examines the patient(s) carefully and also explains reason to what is going on to the patient(s) before actually prescribing medicines. In addition, Dr Chuan is very ethical, in the sense that he makes sure the patients only get the medical certificate if they really not fit to work. On the other hand, the female doctor will actually stare at the patient after the patient telling her what happen, and then do a quick examination before prescribing medicine without much explanation. I seriously think that she needs to learn Nurses are generally fine at this clinic. However, towards nine at night, they would be rushing to go home (but understandable from the point of view of an employee).

Knowing this stark difference, I usually make an effort to get to see Dr Chuan, who shifts from noon to night at Section 17 branch and shifts in morning at Phileo Damansara (weekdays). They take turns on Saturday while according to Dr Chuan, he is the only one who shifts on half day Sunday. The clinic is closed on public holidays.

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