Pajamas from

I needed to get some pajamas and went shopping around to find that mostly are priced at least RM 25 and above. Then, I remembered that my friend (Joseph), who owns the website, once prompted me that he has this business. So, I went into the website to check on the pajamas available. Most of them came within the budget I wanted. And, thus I decided to make an order.


The orders I made were: 17A5136 Light purple pajamas dress RM 14; 17A5135 Red pajamas dress RM 14; 17A5155 Red pajamas 2 piece RM 18; 17A5124 Pink nigthware dress RM 13; 17A5121 Pink color nigtware dress RM 13 and 17A5109 Pink slik nigthware set RM 28. The total cost is RM 100 and given that the purchase is above RM 75, I was given free shipping.


I actually made the purchase and transfer of money on Oct 21. However, as I was away from office on Oct 24 and 25, plus Oct 26 was a public holiday, I requested that the items to be shipped out on Oct 25 or Oct 27 (where I can receive either on Oct 27 or Oct 28). Joseph advised that it is preferably to ship the parcel out on Oct 27 since sending out a day before public holiday is not advisable. His advice proves worthy. He wanted to protect the parcel from going missing and having the customer to wait longer than usual.

However, the parcel was only shipped out on Oct 31 (tracking no.: ED 032590096 MY) since there was a mistake made before the delivery on Oct 27 (and his advice is not send on a Friday). However, to compensate for the error, he promises me that he would be giving me 15% discount for next purchase. I like the effort he puts in to help me (as his customer) to minimise the little agony of waiting. I am truly enlightened.

 The parcelThe items are wrapped

Besides that, the parcel received is in good condition, and I would say currently the “best” from my online purchases. The six pajamas that I bought were up to my expectation as well (and Joseph actually convinced me about the quality prior to my purchase). I admit that the quality assurance given prior to purchase was accepted because Joseph is my friend.

 The items:

I have also hand washed it before I wear on it and there is definitely no discolouring from the pajamas. I am truly satisfied with the goods purchased from, which I think it is a reliable online store. The pajamas sold are at affordable prices for the quality given, compared to purchasing from shopping retailing chain. If I were to purchase almost the same number of items from retailing chain, I could probably spend up to double of what I paid for.

 The six pajamas

The only setback (or maybe advantage to some) is that there is only one of each item sold on the online store. So, if you like it but it is sold, it is unlikely to get it unless Joseph restocks it. But, the advantage for those who have purchased it could be “I could be the only one that has this item.”


Will I return to Yes, I would if I have something from there that I want. In fact, the “baby and mom” and “love series” caught my attention most initially, but till I need them. Also, I would like to claim my 15% off in my next purchase.

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