Big Bad Wolf Books from October 7 to October 16, 2011 @ Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang, KL

I did not know about this book fair until my colleagues were talking about it on the Monday morning (October 10). Then, hubby’s colleagues and his buddy started to talk about it – and the message was passed to me. On Friday (October 14), I read on a financial newspaper about the book fair. I was thinking if we should go for the book fair given the distance, plus, as far as I am concern, BookXcess  (which organized this fair) is already selling books cheap and located just at Amcorp Mall.

At last, I have fallen into the “hype”. We went there on the last day, given that we were in in-laws place, which is not too far from Serdang. While the distance seems not too far, the area within University Putra Malaysia to Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang seems to be “a distance”. Cars were already queuing up as we approached the venue. We then arrived at the parking lot (which was huge) – and many cars were already parked there. We needed to take the feeder bus. There wasn’t a need to queue up, as there were quite a number of buses (and each bus was filled with passengers). It was indeed good that the organizer organize these buses. Upon arrival at the hall (where the bus stopped us), we needed to line up to enter the hall.

The hall was big and air conditioned. The crowd was huge and everyone was either carrying a box, bag or trolley. Due to this, it feels lack of space, and often we bump into each other. I, personally, not a fiction book fan, so, I browse through books around the non-fiction areas which include self-help, health, dummies, sports and parenting. I feel those pushing their trolley bags annoying, as it tends to roll onto others’ slippers/shoes/legs. Some brought their kids (who need to be carried) along, and thus, it added the difficulty to browse books available. For the sections that I view, there were lack of choice (not sure it is due to the fact that we came on the last day). In addition, most publications are old publications. There was loud music being played on. Due to the huge crowd, I lost hubby and contacting each other was a problem given that we hardly feel the phone ringing – given that we were already carrying books. I don’t think it was a problem only to us as there were few announcements made by the DJ where people got lost and looking for one another.

Overall, I bought six books, which cost me RM 54. Although it is cheap, I still feel it is not totally worth the time and journey – due to lack of choice and old publications. I am totally disappointed with the fair, despite many “praises” given to this book fair (as far as I am concern). Maybe it suits people who like fiction books or maybe those who are not really updated to the new publications in the market. Or, maybe we came too late? Unless the next similar book fair organized by the same organizer is near to home, I bet I will not go again.

Nutriplus Omega-3 Jumbo

We normally buy the low cholesterol Nutriplus eggs. However, it was the previous weekend that Econsave ran out of those eggs. So, we stumbled into Nutriplus Omega-3 Jumbo eggs, which was about RM 5 for 10 eggs and slightly more expensive than the usual ones (about RM 4.50).

However, we find that the jumbo eggs are really “value buy”, which at least can fill hubby’s stomach a little longer. Hubby has “fallen into” buying these jumbo eggs again this week (realize that the price range from RM 4.90 to RM 5.10), but I would rather it be “low cholesterol Nutriplus Jumbo”.

Canon Printer from CMY Advance Technology, Digital Mall

We have been pondering around for a printer since early this year. We have decided to get it this month, as we have achieved the required savings to fund the printer. So, we went to Digital Mall yesterday (Oct 15), starting from All IT Hypermarket (as the prices there are more transparent) before moving on to the other outlets within the mall (where the sales assistants are more negotiable).


After few stops, we finally decided to get from CMY Advance Technology (located at KS-05, 2nd Floor), given the different way of explaining to us – especially on the ink refill casing. Hubby asked few questions, which he could answer promptly and maybe accurately (?). In addition to that, the sales assistant was able to give us some discount on the ink refill, if purchased at one go. After agreeing on the price of RM 270 for the Canon Pixma MP258 AIO Printer together with the casing and ink plus an additional ink refill (super jet), the sales assistant started to fix the printer ink. This took about 10 to 15 minutes. After fixing it, he explains to us on the basic functions and tested out the printer as well.

The sales assistant also advised us to use the printer (as in print out) once a week. In addition to that, we got a pack of glossy paper from him for RM 15. Given that my in-law’s printer’s cable was missing, hubby asked if they were selling the printer’s cable. The sales assistant looked for it and at the end, gave us the cable for free.

Overall, the service is satisfactory and the sales assistant knew how to show some gratitude to his customers by proving us the free cable.

Clarins Products from Strawberry Net WITHOUT Groupon Voucher

Ever since the first purchase from Strawberry Net with the Groupon voucher, I often visit the site to check if they have promotion on. I wanted to get the Clarins Cleansing Milk and Gentle Refiner Exfoliating Cream with Microbeads (scrub). I understood from the beautician at Clarins @ The Curve that the cleansing milk is going out for sale at RM 95. Meanwhile, a search on the scrub shows that the product is going on at about RM 110.

On October 2, I decided to make the purchase after seeing that the price of the cleansing milk was discounted to RM 73.50. Given that I was getting the cleansing milk, I thought I might as well get the scrub at one go, which was going out at RM 102.50. Besides receiving 1% off for purchasing two items at one go, since I was a returned customer, a further 3% loyalty discount was given to me. So, the total bill comes to about RM 168.96 (i.e. I managed to save approximately RM 36 or 17.5% of the original price). In conjunction with Deepavali, for the purchase of above US$25, I was given also a free lipstick. The billing and shipping address were both saved (via my email) and I only have to insert the credit card details. I would say the process was fast.

I only received my parcel yesterday (but I was away from my desk for about one and half days). Even so, I think it has gone beyond the six working days. The parcel was also slightly torn. But, I guess the damage and delay were most probably made in Malaysia rather the original destination, i.e. Hong Kong. Nevertheless, unlike the initial purchase using Groupon voucher, this time around, the items were wrapped in a gift paper. The free gift was also attached.

Overall, I reaffirm that Strawberry Net is a reliable online purchase site. But, in order to get value buys for the products of your brands, I think you got to closely watch the discounts and prices – which often vary. For instance, the cleansing milk that I bought is no longer RM 73.50 a week after my purchase. In addition, one has to evaluate if the discount is sufficient, taking into account the possible delayed delivery time (while I think I have to admit it is caused mainly by the local postage company). Therefore, to replenish your items, it is best to plan ahead – for the time lag before completing your products and the arrival of the new products. While I hate the waiting game, I am attracted by the price savings – for instance, the Clarins – HydraQuench Cream Mask is going out at RM 120 (as at October 14) at Strawberry Net, which we can get over the Clarins counter at RM 142. The setback could be, if you are Clarins’ members, you can lose out to the collection of points, which can be turned into cash vouchers. We can’t have the best of both worlds, I guess.

Pink Hangerz Laundry @ Zenith Corporate Park

Previously, I sent hubby’s coat to Wash 4 You. At that point of time, I noticed that a laundry shop was opening next door.


We have new comforters and also new winter jackets, which require laundry service, since there will be no place to hang a queen size comforter and also I don’t really have any idea how to home wash winter jackets.


This time around, I wanted to try out the new laundry – to give a chance to the owner and to test their service. The new dobi is called Pink Hangerz Laundry @ Zenith Corporate Park. So, I dropped by there on Monday after work. The laundry was handled by a staff called, Yati. Yes, she is all alone. Therefore, upon arrival, there is a need to ring the bell. I enquired about the pricing of a queen comforter wash, which she said was RM 10 (I was comfortable with this price since I did call Wash 4 You to enquire the day before). There was also pricing pasted on the walls too. Thus, I brought in the two comforters, two sets of bedsheets and two winter jackets.


Once Yati opened the comforters, she said that the sizes are bigger and thus it will cost RM 12 per piece. Well, I agreed to that, since I was already there and handing them to her. I passed her two sets of bed sheets. She then asked if I want it to be normal wash or do I want to brush it, which I mentioned normal wash. She weighed the bed sheets and then jot down the price of RM 6. When it comes to winter jackets, I asked: what is the usual method to wash the jackets, which she said “dry cleaning” and the price is RM 28 for the bigger one and RM 20 for the smaller one. I agreed to that too. I was then given two separate invoices. I was told to collect it on Thursday, since it is closed on Wednesday.


So, yesterday (Thursday), I went to pick up the laundries after work. I was told that only the comforters and bed sheets are ready; and that the dry cleaning winter jackets weren’t ready due to some technical problem. So, I paid for the comforters and bed sheets first (RM 30). I was told to come again next week for the winter jackets. But, I asked her how confirm is her, which she then replied that she will ring me up on that.


Well, I am abit disappointed that I could not get all my laundries at one go, but the technical problem could be one of unforeseen. Thus, this should be given a second chance. However, if compared to Wash 4 You, I still prefer Wash 4 You in the sense that they will prompt customer with a sms when the laundry was ready. Also, it isn’t too satisfactory to see that Yati only says that she will ring me up when I asked her which day I should come next week. However, I feel that she also tries to “make up” by helping me carry the two large comforters to my car. Well, I am looking forward to getting back our winter jackets now.

Pak Seng Household Products @ Kampung Cempaka, PJ

I stumbled into Pak Seng Household Products, which is located opposite of Pasar Besar Cempaka, last year while getting groceries from the market. The shop is a family business, managed mainly by husband and wife, plus the son and daughter in law. One can get various kinds of household products from mop, pots, plates, spoons, plastic bags to clay pots. The prices there are reasonable as well. Items are all price tagged. However, the owners will usually charge lower than the prices tagged at the items.


Besides the variety of items, what I like about the shop is that the owners do not bug me around when I take time to look at their items. They do ask about what I am searching for, but after telling them that I would like to look-and-see, they just leave me alone. This allows me more time to look at the items and think if I really need what I think I want. Given the choices they have, the shop is less spacious for one to walk around. If one shops at the market, it is best to put your items in the car first or at the shop’s front counter. The setback of this shop is the location (i.e. too packed and at a narrow road) and thus, the parking. But, if not for the location, it will be less known.


I really like this shop, given that I always manage to find the mini/ rare items that I wanted for the kitchen/ house.

Foto2u Digital Imaging @ Bandar Sunway

In December last year, we needed to have our passport sized photos for our ROM. Hubby has already got his photo taken and thus needed the print out. On the other hand, I needed to take fresh photo since I have not taken for some time.


We were driving around Bandar Sunway and managed to spot Foto2u Digital Imaging. We told the sales assistant our needs. I was then instructed to go into their photo shop. She first enquired what’s the reason for taking photos, which I shyly responded that it was for passport purpose (which will also be). She then told me that for the purpose of passport, I needed to show my ears; so I tucked in my hair behind my ears. And, the photo was then taken. Inclusive of processing the extra copies of hubby’s passport photo, it took around 20 minutes and we were charged a total of RM 23.


Overall, service was ok. Not much conversation went around, so I can’t go in depth to evaluate them. To get to the shop, parking can be an issue.

Maxi Tint Solar Film Enterprise @ Giant Kelana Jaya

In November last year (2010), we decided to add solar films at our kitchen windows and the window of the store room after some eight months of sticking on some design papers, which we previously thought was cost saving. We sourced for people who provide solar film and even asked around on forums but to no avail. The one that spoke to us says that the margin that they get from the small panel windows is so low that they don’t really want to do our business.


I remembered seeing this solar film sold in Giant Kelana Jaya and one fine day, we decided to stop by to ask at Maxi Tint Solar Film Enterprise. We were attended by a lady. Giving them the sizes of the windows and showing them the pattern we opted for, we were quoted not more than RM 50 for the six windows. We were then taught how to fix it on – by using soap water and also an object with flat edge.

In July this year (2011), we decided to add on solar films to our balcony sliding door.  After measuring the doors, we went back to Maxi Tint Solar Film Enterprise for the quotation. This time around, it was close to/ more than RM 200.

Well, I would say that we were return customers because we do not know any alternative enterprise selling this solar film in areas nearby us. Moreover, it is not a big amount that we are buying. I still think it is at affordable price. Overall, I think the solar film, especially at the sliding doors manage to reduce some heat from outdoor. Most importantly, I like the fact that no one can see through the windows, especially at the kitchen area. One thing about the small little stall at Giant Kelana Jaya, the salesperson mending the stall is always not around and so we have to wait for a while (each time). Often, they just leave the stall with their name cards on the table.  They only will come over to a customer’s house if the amount purchased is large/ substantial for their margins, otherwise, most of the film sold for small users, are expected to DIY. However, it is not a difficult task though. They will guide customers on how to do it (we were taught each time we went there).

Soya Bean milk V-soy

Hubby introduced me to this soya bean, which is slightly more expensive than the normal soya beans on the shelves. It is around RM 4.50 for I litre (however, once I got it cheaper from Savemart, SS2, where it was RM 3.80). We feel that this is “value” drink and best drink when it is chilled! So far, we have seen two flavors, which are natural and multi grain. Personally, I think I like the multi grain one. At this level of “addiction”, we will definitely consume it until we are “bored” or maybe when we suddenly are aware that it cause us hike in sugar level in our body.

Modern Locksmith @ Taman Connaught, Cheras

We have to make some extra house keys. We decided on Modern Locksmith @ Taman Connaught, given that it has been in operation for a long time. Moreover, hubby has frequented this locksmith many times. The uniqueness of this locksmith is that it is operated by the road side on a van, which is parked there – like “forever”.

Upon arrival, we were amazed that it was handled by a young locksmith – a young boy who looks like he is just 15 years old or so. Initially, we saw him struggling with handling the customer’s duplication of keys. After the first customer left, the young boy then handled the next customer, who was there because the key duplicated did not manage to open the lock. The customer actually brought the lock over to show the boy (I was a little panic at first, seeing this situation). The young boy without showing any resistance/ expression took over the keys and “touched up” the duplicated key. Just as he managed to open the lock with the new duplicated key, the main locksmith came back. We then handed over our keys to the main locksmith, who duplicated the keys without much effort. All five keys cost just RM 15.

I observed that the customer, who came back because the duplicated keys could not work, was not charged anything. Moreover, the customer also brought another lock, which has a little problem and just needed a little “oil” to make it work as usual. He again wasn’t charge anything. This does reflect the “good” after sales service given to the customers. Well, as for the young boy, I think he should be given more chance to gain experience. Given his look/age, I think he has handled the situation well (when his dad (?) wasn’t around).

Overall, I am satisfied with the service provided and at affordable price. I have checked all keys, and the locks can be opened by the keys.