Ultra-Matte Rebalancing Lotion (15ml) + Pure and Radiant Mask with Pink Clay (15ml) from skygracelim88

I was looking for bargains from the forum on Pure and Radiant Mask with Pink Clay. I wanted to try this product and hoped that it will be cheap. I have less intention to get it from Strawberrynet, as it wasn’t on any promotion and I wanted to receive the product quick. I bumped into a post by user, skygracelim88 and asked about the price of the item, which is a smaller size (15ml) one but not a sample. It was going out for RM 38. The standard size (50ml) is priced at RM 122.50 in Strawberrynet. In terms of per ml size, it is slightly more expensive (RM 38/15ml x 50 ml = RM 126.66). She is also willing to offer me free registered post.


Next, I noticed that she was also offering the ultra-matte rebalancing lotion (15ml) at RM 28. I am currently using this and thought of buying the smaller size one to be placed in my travel bag. So, I asked her through private message if it was possible that she gives me at a cheaper price for both items. She offered me at RM 64 instead of RM 66. So, deal – and I made the payment to her.


I also requested her to either send out on October 25 or October 27, so that I can receive it on the Thursday or Friday. She notified me about the sending out (October 25), but I waited till Friday and it did not arrive. I then private message her, only to find out that registered post is different from courier. It was my own mistake to assume. However, I received it today, October 31.

Overall, I am satisfied with the deal. Skygracelim88 is responsive to my private messages even after payment is made. She also made sure that I will receive the parcel by asking me to inform her about the arrival. The items that I got from her are brand new ones, as said. They were both sealed. I think she is a reliable seller. But, if next round I were to purchase from her, I will make sure that it is a courier rather than a registered post.

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