BL Home Furnishing Sdn Bhd @ Taman Seri Taming, Cheras

Mother-in-law wants us to get new bedroom set for the in-law house before the wedding day. We actually stumbled into BL Home Furnishing while on our way to Jaya Jusco Cheras Selatan. One day, we decided to stop by to take a preliminary look at the furniture displayed there. We find that the prices of the furniture were quite affordable.


We decided to place a booking on the furniture on October 2. So, we stopped by at BL Home Furnishing again. This time round we sat down to talk to the sales assistant, Jason. He showed us the catalogues and explained on the differences. Jason also spoke about the sizes by showing the measurements with his tape. The bedroom set excludes the mattress. Finally, we choose the mid range one. Together with the mid range mattress, the whole set costs RM 2,350, which also includes free delivery to in laws’ house. It also comes with two free pillows. We paid a deposit of RM 100. Jason said that we need to call him in advance (about three days) for him to order the furniture from the factory.

Last week we decided to have the furniture in. So, hubby rang up Jason on Monday (October 17) to inform him about sending in the furniture on the coming Sunday. Hubby also told Jason that he would pay the remaining balance after the setting up of the furniture, where hubby will come over to swipe his credit card. On Friday, hubby called Jason again to confirm on the arrival of the furniture. And, at last, on Sunday about 12pm, hubby called Jason again to make sure. Also, hubby asked if it is possible for them to take away the old mattress and old bed frame, which Jason said we would need to give the workers some “duit kopi”. The furniture arrived at about 1.50pm. Three workers came along, where two were friendly and another one was snobbish. The snobbish one immediately said that there’s a service charge when hubby asked him if it is possible to take the old furniture away. The whole setting up of the cupboard took around 20 minutes.

Well, it is too early for me to judge about the quality of the furniture. Everything came in order, except the dressing table that appears smaller than expected. While we expect to pay “duit kopi” for them to take away the old furniture, I just don’t like the way that the workers “expect” it to be and at one stage, they were reluctant to accept the money –not because they don’t want, but because they think it is too little for them. If they were customer-service-oriented, I don’t think there’s any additional burden for helping their customers to dispose the old furniture – which at times, I think they may also sell it to a second hand furniture shop (and make money out of it). For instance, when buying our washing machine from Jintex Electronics, the owner was willing to take away the old semi washing machine without a single sen or request.

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