Watsons’ Points redemption

Earlier on I posted about Watsons’ Membership, and how I felt that it is “not” worth being a Watsons’ member based on the calculation made. However, yesterday I was in Watsons to buy a pack of tissues, the cashier told me that I had 408 points (wow, that means I have spent RM 408 in Watsons in two months), which I could redeem RM 2 on the spot for the packet of tissue was RM 4.50. I agreed to it and hence, just paid RM 2.50 for the tissues. I was actually surprised that I do not have to wait till a year later to redeem the points. Well, I have got back my RM 2 from the RM 12 lifetime membership. This has actually shed the light that being a Watsons’ member is not too bad!


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