Friday Gel Polish Manicure Promo @ HRH Nail Studio, Section 17, Petaling Jaya

I got to know about gel polish from a friend few months back. I was impressed that the gel polish can last about two to three weeks. And, that was what I am expecting it to be for our wedding. Then, I enquired about gel polish from HRH Nail Studio’s facebook on whether it is possible to do nail art on top of the gel polish –which they responded “yes”. They told me that the first trial is RM 68 (which I actually forgotten about this until I re-read the post).

In my previous round to do manicure, I actually wanted to try the gel polish manicure, but too bad they were closing at 6 pm on that day. Then last week, I received a personal message in facebook from the HRH Nail Studio’s blog owner (Serene Eng), asking if I wanted to try their gel polish manicure, and of course, I related to her on that I called for appointment but they were closing at 6pm. She then told me that her staff went training, which was the reason they were closing early. On the next day, I saw them putting up a promo “FRIDAY Promotion: Soak-off Gel Polish Manicure @ RM79.90 only! (inclusive of Soak-Off service)”. So, I decided to give it a try and make an appointment, which was yesterday’s 6pm. I choose Section 17 this round, as I perceived that the parking will be easier (which is true). Also, I wanted to find out the difference between its SS2 and Section 17 branches – and then decide on which to go before the wedding day.

I was 15-minutes late for the appointment due to the traffic jam from my office to their branch in Section 17. Upon arrival, there was already a customer there (doing the gel polish manicure). I was asked to take a seat first. Well, it is definitely much spacious than its SS2 branch. But, there was just one staff at that time. After coming out from their toilet and seated down, I was straight given the choice to choose the gel polish. There were just 24 colours to choose from. Right after the manicurist (her name is Amy, from her name tag) completed the service for the previous customer, she immediately guided me to the seat. She was smart that she actually took the initiative to change the chairs, given the previous customer has seated long on her chair. I saw that she placed a new sheet of towel before I laid my hands down. Before the session started, the previous customer was disgruntling with dissatisfaction, saying that her art work is bad! This actually made it abit nervous.

So, the session began with the usual removal of the nail polish and then manicure. At first, I saw that she did not sterilise the tools, but only to realise later that the tools are been soaked in some liquid (which I perceived to be steriliser). Amy then asked if I wanted to cut my nails shorter. I looked at my finger nails and confirmed with her that this gel polish will last 2-3 weeks, which she confirmed and thus I told her, cut a little shorter then. With full trust, I leave everything to her – since I never done gel polish before. The whole session lasted about 30 minutes from the point we started. So, I paid RM 79.90 for the session. Before I leave, I confirmed about the soak-free service, which she said I can do it at SS2 or here.

Overall, I think it is satisfactory (but I am not a good judge for gel polish manicure at this point of time – since this is my first time). During the process, Amy is so quiet (which is good that she is not hard selling anything) but to the extent that I wanted to fall asleep. On her manicure, compared to the others I have been to, she is a little rough – the feeling from the trimming of skin was slightly like “fish spa” and also she pressed my fingers throughout the process. But, this was done right after the dissatisfied customer threaten to complain her bad artwork. So, to be fair, I am not sure it is best to judge her when she could be probably emotionally disturbed. When she trimmed my nails, one difference was she actually flipped over my hands to see the fingers are evenly trimmed. Also, when putting on the first gel polish, she finds out if the colour is the one I wanted.

One point is that even the previous customer criticises her and threaten to complain, she merely keep quiet – which is a good point from a customer service perspective. Well, I also think that more staff is needed in the more spacious studio (compared to SS2); or else, the poor staff will be handling everything alone.

Another thing which I just noticed after reading my previous post on facebook – they mentioned that my first trial is RM 68, but I was taking the Friday promo at RM 79.90. The normal price is RM 90, while if one signs up package (not much detail about the package though), the price will be RM 75. Thus, I wonder if I saved from the promo (compared to taking my first trial). Nevertheless, from my observation in The Curve area, in particularly, Snips Nail Bar, the gel polish manicure is at RM 120 (and doing promotion at RM 100).

I think I probably go back to their HRH Nail Studio, SS2 for the soak-free service and consult them about the gel nail art for my wedding before making the appointment.

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