Big Bad Wolf Books from October 7 to October 16, 2011 @ Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang, KL

I did not know about this book fair until my colleagues were talking about it on the Monday morning (October 10). Then, hubby’s colleagues and his buddy started to talk about it – and the message was passed to me. On Friday (October 14), I read on a financial newspaper about the book fair. I was thinking if we should go for the book fair given the distance, plus, as far as I am concern, BookXcess  (which organized this fair) is already selling books cheap and located just at Amcorp Mall.

At last, I have fallen into the “hype”. We went there on the last day, given that we were in in-laws place, which is not too far from Serdang. While the distance seems not too far, the area within University Putra Malaysia to Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang seems to be “a distance”. Cars were already queuing up as we approached the venue. We then arrived at the parking lot (which was huge) – and many cars were already parked there. We needed to take the feeder bus. There wasn’t a need to queue up, as there were quite a number of buses (and each bus was filled with passengers). It was indeed good that the organizer organize these buses. Upon arrival at the hall (where the bus stopped us), we needed to line up to enter the hall.

The hall was big and air conditioned. The crowd was huge and everyone was either carrying a box, bag or trolley. Due to this, it feels lack of space, and often we bump into each other. I, personally, not a fiction book fan, so, I browse through books around the non-fiction areas which include self-help, health, dummies, sports and parenting. I feel those pushing their trolley bags annoying, as it tends to roll onto others’ slippers/shoes/legs. Some brought their kids (who need to be carried) along, and thus, it added the difficulty to browse books available. For the sections that I view, there were lack of choice (not sure it is due to the fact that we came on the last day). In addition, most publications are old publications. There was loud music being played on. Due to the huge crowd, I lost hubby and contacting each other was a problem given that we hardly feel the phone ringing – given that we were already carrying books. I don’t think it was a problem only to us as there were few announcements made by the DJ where people got lost and looking for one another.

Overall, I bought six books, which cost me RM 54. Although it is cheap, I still feel it is not totally worth the time and journey – due to lack of choice and old publications. I am totally disappointed with the fair, despite many “praises” given to this book fair (as far as I am concern). Maybe it suits people who like fiction books or maybe those who are not really updated to the new publications in the market. Or, maybe we came too late? Unless the next similar book fair organized by the same organizer is near to home, I bet I will not go again.

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