Clarins Products from Strawberry Net WITHOUT Groupon Voucher

Ever since the first purchase from Strawberry Net with the Groupon voucher, I often visit the site to check if they have promotion on. I wanted to get the Clarins Cleansing Milk and Gentle Refiner Exfoliating Cream with Microbeads (scrub). I understood from the beautician at Clarins @ The Curve that the cleansing milk is going out for sale at RM 95. Meanwhile, a search on the scrub shows that the product is going on at about RM 110.

On October 2, I decided to make the purchase after seeing that the price of the cleansing milk was discounted to RM 73.50. Given that I was getting the cleansing milk, I thought I might as well get the scrub at one go, which was going out at RM 102.50. Besides receiving 1% off for purchasing two items at one go, since I was a returned customer, a further 3% loyalty discount was given to me. So, the total bill comes to about RM 168.96 (i.e. I managed to save approximately RM 36 or 17.5% of the original price). In conjunction with Deepavali, for the purchase of above US$25, I was given also a free lipstick. The billing and shipping address were both saved (via my email) and I only have to insert the credit card details. I would say the process was fast.

I only received my parcel yesterday (but I was away from my desk for about one and half days). Even so, I think it has gone beyond the six working days. The parcel was also slightly torn. But, I guess the damage and delay were most probably made in Malaysia rather the original destination, i.e. Hong Kong. Nevertheless, unlike the initial purchase using Groupon voucher, this time around, the items were wrapped in a gift paper. The free gift was also attached.

Overall, I reaffirm that Strawberry Net is a reliable online purchase site. But, in order to get value buys for the products of your brands, I think you got to closely watch the discounts and prices – which often vary. For instance, the cleansing milk that I bought is no longer RM 73.50 a week after my purchase. In addition, one has to evaluate if the discount is sufficient, taking into account the possible delayed delivery time (while I think I have to admit it is caused mainly by the local postage company). Therefore, to replenish your items, it is best to plan ahead – for the time lag before completing your products and the arrival of the new products. While I hate the waiting game, I am attracted by the price savings – for instance, the Clarins – HydraQuench Cream Mask is going out at RM 120 (as at October 14) at Strawberry Net, which we can get over the Clarins counter at RM 142. The setback could be, if you are Clarins’ members, you can lose out to the collection of points, which can be turned into cash vouchers. We can’t have the best of both worlds, I guess.

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