Maxi Tint Solar Film Enterprise @ Giant Kelana Jaya

In November last year (2010), we decided to add solar films at our kitchen windows and the window of the store room after some eight months of sticking on some design papers, which we previously thought was cost saving. We sourced for people who provide solar film and even asked around on forums but to no avail. The one that spoke to us says that the margin that they get from the small panel windows is so low that they don’t really want to do our business.


I remembered seeing this solar film sold in Giant Kelana Jaya and one fine day, we decided to stop by to ask at Maxi Tint Solar Film Enterprise. We were attended by a lady. Giving them the sizes of the windows and showing them the pattern we opted for, we were quoted not more than RM 50 for the six windows. We were then taught how to fix it on – by using soap water and also an object with flat edge.

In July this year (2011), we decided to add on solar films to our balcony sliding door.  After measuring the doors, we went back to Maxi Tint Solar Film Enterprise for the quotation. This time around, it was close to/ more than RM 200.

Well, I would say that we were return customers because we do not know any alternative enterprise selling this solar film in areas nearby us. Moreover, it is not a big amount that we are buying. I still think it is at affordable price. Overall, I think the solar film, especially at the sliding doors manage to reduce some heat from outdoor. Most importantly, I like the fact that no one can see through the windows, especially at the kitchen area. One thing about the small little stall at Giant Kelana Jaya, the salesperson mending the stall is always not around and so we have to wait for a while (each time). Often, they just leave the stall with their name cards on the table.  They only will come over to a customer’s house if the amount purchased is large/ substantial for their margins, otherwise, most of the film sold for small users, are expected to DIY. However, it is not a difficult task though. They will guide customers on how to do it (we were taught each time we went there).

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