Zouk Spa @ No. 6 Jalan SS 2/67

I think it has been more than three years since we went for a body massage treatment. And, we decided to do it today. We have chosen Zouk Spa @ No. 6 Jalan SS 2/67 (there’s another one in the same row, which we went the other round – corner lot). We preferred “Zouk Spa” because it has more outlets, which gave us some assurance that it is not a massage parlour that gives “special type” of service.


When we entered the centre, we were entertained by a Chinese lady, who requested us to speak in Mandarin. We told her the option we wanted, which was body treatment for one and half hours at RM 80. We requested a guy massager for hubby while a lady massager for myself. We were asked to wait for six minutes, while they get ready the massage area. We were then lead to the area, which was really dark (for the “privacy” of the customers going naked?) I requested to go to their loo before the massage session and observed that their washroom is actually very clean (compared to the previous one we went).


I was then “guided” on what to do – which was obviously removing my clothes. I realized that the towel given is actually a clean one since it seems to be like “hot from oven” (but not totally sure how clean as it was so dark).The massage session went on, and occasionally, my massage lady (Shui Dan) asked if I was alright. She also “diagnosed” what’s wrong (not sure how accurate it is) and asked if I wanted some further treatments, which I rejected all of them. After the rejections, she did not pursue further but allowed me to relax.


Overall, we find the massage ok. I, personally, like the head massage most, compared to the massages done on the different parts of the body – as it was at times painful or ticklish for me. I am also happy that they did not really hard sell to us on signing up for their packages, but just gave Shui Dan gave me her name card, “hinting” that I can come and look for her for the next time. Also, the place is clean. Well, it can be our choice to return to this massage parlour. But, it could be better, if the massager and the person standing at the reception are multi lingual, compared to just pure Mandarin, which was rather difficult for me to grasp. However, hubby’s male massager (which they “borrowed” from the other branch in the same row) knew a little of Cantonese.


One thought on “Zouk Spa @ No. 6 Jalan SS 2/67

  1. Well,i havent actually go in for a treatment. However,i did went in to check the place out. Besides,its my first time enterung a spa. So,im kindda shy to actually request for a treatment,yet.

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