Ching Seng Car Cooler Service Centre

Over the years (two to three years), since it was previously located near to the place where we stayed, we put some “trust” and relied on their service on (particularly) my car. However, we are utterly disappointed after the last round experience of how the owner hiked up the price. Overall, I think their services are:


  1. The owners are not cleared on how to explain the problem with cars (or maybe language barrier?)
  2. When asked approximately how long will it take to fix, the owners will repeatedly say “I will call you”
  3. There is no thorough checking of the car if not asked during the servicing of the car
  4. They do not return the remaining oil that was used if not asked
  5. And, the recent one – price distortion is “too” high (around July/August 2011)


Well, we would unlikely return to them unless necessary.

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