Parking at The Curve and Touch n Go

Ever since the incident at the parking bay next door, I have parked my car at The Curve. Initially, I used the Touch n Go, as I thought it would be faster. Parking at The Curve on the weekdays cost RM 2 per entry. For the use of Touch n Go, there will be an additional 20 sen charge.


In the month of April, there were twice when I was charged RM 4.40 per entry. I was not sure who I should speak to, to claim back my RM 4.40 (RM 2.20 x 2). I first wrote an email to Touch n Go careline, followed by a call with their customer service. The lady told me that I would need to relate to the parking management of the mall, as they could not do anything about it. So, I called The Curve parking management. I was attended by a man, who told me to come over to their parking management office, which was situated at the basement one parking area. After work, I went there and re-related what I told the person over the phone. Without further checking, he called the parking attendant and then asked me to collect the money from the parking attendant. I gave my Touch n Go card and RM4.40 was refunded to me at the spot. I was also given a receipt. I was pleased that the parking management did not do much checking and trusted in me (given that the amount is small). The parking management at The Curve has been professional in handling the situation.


On the other hand, for the email I sent to Touch n Go careline, it was responded after 14 days, which I replied to them that everything was settled. It would be good if Touch n Go careline could speed up their responses in the future.

I have now turned to cash payment given that the parking machine at The Curve is operational at all times. Even if I do not have change (or I am lazy to line up at the parking machine because of longer queue), there will be a parking attendant sitting at The Curve’s parking exit to handle the payment. Kudos to The Curve parking management for this!

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