Diamond Boutique @ Sunway Pyramid

Hubby bought me a bracelet for my recent birthday from Diamond Boutique @ Sunway Pyramid. However, the bracelet broke, for no apparent reason. So, we had to send it back to the shop, thinking that there would be a “warranty” on it (since, it broke in less than a month). However, we were told that it needs to be sent to the factory and will cost around RM 30. Given that hubby was given a RM 35 voucher for the purchase of more than RM 350, we asked if we could utilize the voucher for this, which the lady said “yes”, however, the remainder RM 5 will be burnt. We agreed to it and were told that it would be ready in two weeks. But, it is best to wait for their call before coming back to pick it. We were served by a lady called Clancy Chin.


On that day, I was also wearing a necklace. A part of the necklace was “caught” by my hair and I had a hard time removing it. So, we asked Clancy for advice. She checked on it and told us that we need to slowly use a knife to remove the hair. However, she offered to help me clean the necklace (which was bought from the same company, but in the Midvalley branch). After the cleaning, it was shiny clean and Clancy managed to remove the hair. We were pleased by her service.


Two weeks later, we received a call from her saying that the bracelet is ready for collection. We only went there a week later, which was today (September 25, 2011). The bracelet was returned to us in good hand and we utilized the RM 35 voucher for the repair. Before she issued the receipt, she asked what we would like to get from the additional RM 5, which we then told her we would just forfeit it.


Overall, they have provided us good customer service, even though it was a bracelet costing less than RM 500. We like the fact that they provide free cleaning service for the jewelry, which were bought from the same company although different branch. Hubby actually bought the wedding band from this branch earlier this year, and was served by another lady (forgotten her name), who was also very friendly and sweet. The lady also managed to select a wedding band that suited me and our budget.

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