Mr Pie Man

I got to know about Mr Pie Man from my office event. But, I don’t get to taste it as I was away from office. So, we took the time to search about it, as we were looking for some light refreshment for the actual wedding day that also comes with some delivery service. We bumped into their facebook and asked if they do delivery, the timing of delivery and minimum purchase in order for it to deliver the pies to our place. The responses were pretty face, which was less than a day. We also found out that their manufacturing “factory” located near to our place. So, on a Sunday evening (September 18), we took the initiative to pay a visit to the place to test out their pies. However, it was closed. We then asked our their facebook on their opening hours.


We were rather surprised that they open a short hour on Saturdays, and were asked to ring up before we come. So, the following Saturday, which was today (September 24), we rang up the place and was told that they will be opening up to three something in the evening (which was a discrepancy from what was told on the facebook). The man also asked around what time we will be coming and do we want to place any order – which we told him that we just wanted to try out the pies.


Upon arrival (it was a shoplot), we found that the place looks “rather creepy”. So, we rang the door bell and was invited into the shop – which was similar to a small production factory. We were entertained by a guy called Shaun, and he was telling us that Mr Pie Man is undergoing a restructuring and etc. We told him our intention on that day. He then asked the “baker” to bring out some pies to show us. Shaun was not too familiar with the products, but was good in marketing. So, at the end, the “baker” explained to us the different kinds of pies available, which we picked five different pieces of them, which cost around RM 18.50. They were packed in a pizza-liked-box. Before we left, Shaun asked me for my contact details and emphasized that it was the purpose of getting feedback of their pies.


The pies are fine for us. We think it has enough filling and pastry was not too bad. Even though we ate it about five hours later (and we heated up in the oven), they still taste good. Yes, we will be considering it for the light refreshment on the actual wedding day – morning session; only till then can I comment on their delivery service.


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