Tenaga Nasional Berhad

Another change of ownership was needed for Tenaga Nasional’s bill after we get hold of our keys. We were told by the seller’s lawyer that the seller has not terminate the billing to ensure that there will be continuing supply of electricity to our unit and terminating the bill will lead to a longer period for reinstallation. So, what we needed to do is to change the ownership of the bill. We were also told that we do not have to bother about the outstanding electricity bill under the name of the owner, as it would be deducted from their deposit placed with TNB (given that the bill amount was less than the deposit).


We read that we need to go to the nearest Kedai Tenaga with some prepared documents, which include stamp duty (RM 10 x 2), deposit (RM 280), photocopied of the sales and purchase agreement, photocopied of identity card and previous TNB bill. The nearest Kedai Tenaga is the one located at PJ New Town. When our queue arrived, we were given a form to fill up and handled all the documents to the officer. In addition to the deposit of RM 280, we were also charged a RM3 processing fee (which I think it should have been waived). The officer told us that we can see the change in the next billing, which it did appear as expected.


It was an easy process, given that we have the available information, i.e. the documents to prepare. There wasn’t any hiccup in the process. I would say “thumbs up” for this except for the RM 3 processing fee.

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