PJ Women Specialist & Family Clinic @ SS2, PJ

In May 2011, we wanted to do health check up. I wanted to see a gynae instead of a general practitioner. We got to know about PJ Women Specialist & Family Clinic, located in SS2, for we pass by the clinic a number of times. So, we took the initiative to drop by at the clinic to ask if we need to book for appointment. We were attended by a nurse, who I think was not that friendly though. We confirmed with her that we can just come without prior appointments.

A week after, I went to the clinic myself, since hubby has to handle the air conditioner man. I was the earliest patient on that day. In fact, the doctor has not arrived. I waited about 10 minutes and was then called into Dr Kevin Liew’s room. I told him that I wanted to do medical check up. He asked me few queries and then suggested that I go for the pre-marital blood test, pap smears, breast examination and pelvis ultrasound, which cost me about RM 370. The historical medical background was taken down by the doctor as well before the doctor started with all the tests and took my blood. The doctor even helped me to scan my gall bladder. Overall, I think he was rather gentle.

I got a call from the clinic in the mid week from the nurse who let me know that my results were ready. On the same weekend, I went to the clinic to get my test results. This time I came with hubby, who was also there to do the health check up. Everything was normal for me, except that I needed Hepatitis B booster, which cost RM 70. To me, he did not explain the test results in detail, which I wasn’t too happy about.

When it comes to my hubby’s turn, I am not sure why, less questions were directed to hubby. Also, not sure why (it might be hubby’s blood vein), after taking hubby’s blood, hubby’s arm swelled a little. The health check on hubby cost around RM 170. Hubby got the report the week after, where I did not follow him (so, not too sure how to describe the level of the doctor’s service from here).

Overall, I think the service is moderate. I am also not sure if I would return, but I think I would rather look for an alternative than stick with this doctor, if I had a choice.


Follow up read: Here

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