L amore Nail Expert @ Kuchai Lama

I had got an unsatisfactory medicure done the day before. So, I needed pedicure, especially so when I am not expert in removing the cuticles (I have to admit that I am very bad at this, to the extent that I injured my toes).

Since we were in Kuchai Lama, I looked for a nail saloon that is not too far away – Got to know from cousin-in-law about L amore Nail Expert. When I first entered, I asked if there’s any slot for pedicure and how much is the service. The lady (who is also my pedicurist) checked and said that it is possible to do just pedicure. It costs RM 40 (which is RM 2 more expensive, according to the standard rate I know so far). So, I waited at the counter and was asked to fill up some personal details.

The pedicurist got ready the place to soak my feet and asked me to move to the seat. I was told that if I would like to include scrub, there will be an additional RM 10. Thus, I declined the offer.  I was delighted to find that she actually took new piece of towel over – yes, a squeaky clean one from their cupboard/ store room. I was asked to choose my nail colour and then, the normal procedure went on. I noticed that she also sterilized the tools used and ensure that the previous nail colours are all removed well.  It was an enjoyable experience. Even the part where she has to slightly massage my feet and I felt ticklish, she smiled and asked if I was alright.

The only part that took me by surprise was when she applied my nail colour, up to my third toe, the pedicurist asked her colleague if the colour I choose needed to add additional fee, which her colleague say yes. So, the pedicurist informed me about that and I had to pay an additional RM 3. Given that it has already reached my third toe, I think I couldn’t say no, and did not want to “argue” about it – so, just said “ok”. I think the pedicurist should have waived this fee, given that it was her mistake for not notifying me earlier (maybe she should have spoken to her boss about her mistake, and giving me a waiver). I really wonder what if I did not agree with the extra RM 3; will she remove the nail colour from the three toes, and re-apply a new colour (just to save the RM3)? So, I learnt something new: ask if the colour chosen need additional fee.

Other than that, I think the pedicurist was attentive to my toe colouring. She patiently removed the colours that have gone “out of border”. The place there is spacious. And, I realized that they were one of the Groupon’s retailer, from the customer who came in after me. Also, there were few incoming calls, all setting up appointments (so, it was rather interruptive at times during my session – where pedicurist has to get up to pick up the phone plus not too relaxing moment). Good thing is that they have enough staff (I think). The setback could be their language. Although the pedicurist understood my English, she spoke Cantonese to me.

Well, I do think they are one of the better nail saloons for those I have been so far. Yes, I would return if I were at Kuchai Lama, and needed manicure and/or pedicure.


Follow up read: Pedicure @ L amore Nail Expert

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