Car insurance renewal via

I got to know about through my work. So, I actually know the person who set up the website (Mr Loi). So, last year (2010), I decided to renew my car insurance online. First, I can get a slight discount (10%) since it is an online purchase. Second, I didn’t like the previous insurance agent, as basically I submit the case myself and she gets the free commission. Third, my car insurance coverage is low since it is an old car and I also feel embarrassed to demand an agent to come and see me for the renewal.


So, basically, I have to click on the “car insurance”, where I then need to fill up the necessary information (around mid July 2010). After submitting the information, an auto email respond was sent to my email account saying that the owner of the website will respond to me. His contact information was also given in the email. I did not get to hear from him for one or two days. So, I decided to sms him to inform him that I have submitted my car insurance application (he said he was busy and missed out). A day later, I received an email informing me that my premium is RM 268.60 and the amount I needed to pay after discount was RM 243. I was given the option to fill up the credit card form (which I need to fax to Mr Loi) or transfer to Mr Loi’s personal Maybank account. I choose the latter, given that I know him personally. If I didn’t know him, it was only then I will get to know that my car insurance was under Allianz (unless if I also read his “Contact us” information). Less than an hour later, I received an email again saying that my e-cover was ready, and thus I can renew my roadtax. This was my first encounter with


To me, it was much speedier and convenient for me, as I do not have to drive to the insurance company, park my car, queue up in the line, pay for parking and basically have to wait few days before I know my insurance cover is ready (in 2009, I got caught in the situation where I have to visit the post office twice to renew my roadtax because of the inefficiency of the insurance agency -Prudential in Damansara Intan). I saved on the cost of travelling and get back a slight rebate (RM 25.60).


This year (2011), in early July, I received a sms from Loi, which acts out as a reminder on whether I would like to renew my car insurance. I responded “yes” to the sms and I was then sent the e-cover. This time round my car insurance premium was RM 255.15 while the after rebate premium was RM 230.65 (a saving of RM 24.50). I proceeded by paying through Maybank and got the e-cover within one working day.


Overall, I am satisfied with the service. I also like his follow up. His reminder this year was earlier than expected.  In fact, there was once last year when my car was hit by another car. I even called Loi to ask for his advice, which he did responded and explained the usual process.  Yes, I would possibly continue the renewal of my car insurance in future years and also contemplating of getting the travel insurance from this website.


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