Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia Cawangan Subang Jaya

We need to renew our passport for our honeymoon. We checked on the immigration department’s website and noted that the department in Subang Jaya is opened on Saturdays and Sundays from 8am to 1pm. The purpose we choose the branch is because it is near to our home. We made our first attempt on July 9, 2011, which coincidentally was the BERSIH rally. We were surprised that it was closed (not sure the reason behind it though).


So, on the following weekdays, I make few attempts to call their office to confirm that they are open on Saturdays. Twice or thrice the officers confirmed with me that they are operating. So, we went to the branch on July 16. Yes, they were open that day and it was rather crowded. We first need to show the man at the front counter (near the entrance) the previous passports before we were given the forms that need to be filled up at the spot. There was no pen provided (so, do bring a pen along). The other documents required are the passport photos and photocopies of NRIC (but can be done at the spot but the price is slightly steeper there). The officer only gave us the numbering when we showed him the filled up forms, the old passports, photocopies of NRIC and photos, which he stamped the form with the numbering (which was to ensure that no one cheats in the queue?)


The queuing was rather fast. Due to the many headcounts ahead of us, we waited close to 45 minutes. We both went to separate counters, which made the process speedier (the lady officer I went to was rather stern looking, not too friendly). After passing on the documents and having our fingers scanned, we were asked to be called for the payment (just wonder why they couldn’t collect the money together with the submission of documents?). The next queue took about five to 10 minutes, where we made the payments (RM300 for 5 years), given the receipt and told that we could come the next day (Sunday) to collect.


Nevertheless, we only collected the passports the following Saturday. Upon arrival, we were told to put on receipts on the basket provided at counter one. We were then called to the counter, where we just showed them our NRIC as proof of identity. We were then asked if we wanted to buy the passport cover, which cost RM 2, and we did (though I think they should have provided them for free).


Overall, I think they were rather efficient in their service, and have made the effort so that no one cheats on the line (queue).


2 thoughts on “Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia Cawangan Subang Jaya

  1. Selamat pagi kpd semua pegawai imigresen malaysia yg bertugas di subang jaya selangor ini.Sy ingin salurkan sedikit maklumat tentang warganegara asing yg berniaga kelapa muda di kawasan tuan.Yg hairan polis x ambil apa2 tindakan kerana disogok majikan mereka.Ada 6-7buah gerai semua gunakan visa biasa 1&3bln tp bekerja.Di ss15 terletak tepi jln masuk kawasan kilang ikut jln Bhp ke sunway medical centre,di usj 1,masuk dari mydin di kawasan kedai sebelah kanan berhadapan restoran cina, di kawasan subang mewah bertentangan dengan petronas,dlm kawasan flat penempatan wanita yg jaga..

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