Just life @ Ikano Power Centre

Just life has been in existent for some time in Ikano. However, since I am not the kind of “organic” person, I did not pay much attention to it. Just recently when I found that Cold Storage went on renovation, which caused it to have limited choices of vegetables on sale, I stepped into Just Life. I was amazed by the variety of vegetables that they have available, including those “rare” kind of vegetables that are not easily available in hypermarkets and even wet markets.

Given that these vegetables are organic, they are a bit pricier. I find that they usually offer it in bigger packaging, which is sufficiently enough for two to three persons. This comes out to be the similar portion of buying two packages of the same vegetable from the hypermarkets. I would also prefer Just Life because everything is price-tagged compared to the wet markets, where the latter (for dishonest stall owners) often “cheat” on pricing by not displaying the prices. The setback that I find is the vegetables easily turn yellowish when it comes to the third day of purchase, while if purchased from hypermarkets, it can last up till five days.

Most of the staff serving the customers is polite. They usually speak in Mandarin, and do give a feel/ impression of “vegetarianism”.  Also, they are “environmentalist” in the sense that they do not provide plastic bags (every day). So, you will need to carry a recycle bag along if you plan to make purchases from them. However, they can also loan you a bag for a price. For me, since I am not so environmentalist (because I believe this is more of a “bull shit”/ free advertisement that one can ride on while cutting cost on plastic bags), I find this a little troublesome that I need to remind myself to bring a bag along when I shop with them.

Yes, I will be back there (in fact every week) to stock up my fridge with vegetables, unless Cold Storage can provide better variety of vegetables.

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