White Perfect Dental Surgery at Taman Connaught, Cheras

We came to know about this dentist more than five years ago, and it can be regarded as our “family dentist”. Most of our yearly scaling and tooth checking are done by Dr Chee, the primary dentist at the dental clinic. Dr Chee (lady dentist) is a very gentle and patience dentist, among some of those we have seen in years. Recently, she even helped me remove both my upper wisdom tooth (normal extraction).  If I am not mistaken, Dr Chee accepts quite a lot of trainee dentist/ nurse; therefore, you are likely to be served by few dentist/nurse during your treatment. This also makes the service/ treatment kind of efficient. It is better to book in advance for Dr Chee, especially on weekends –which are normally full. At times, you need to book two to three weeks in advance. And, the nurse would usually call you to confirm on the day before your appointment. I would say that they have good customer service. In addition, the prices charged are at affordable rates.


However, if you were to visit this dental clinic, it is advisable to go under Dr Chee, rather than the other dentist, which is Dr Ang (young lad). This is based on our bad experience where my hubby was referred/diagnosed “wrongly” and was sent to another clinic for a tooth ache; where at the end, the case was handled back by Dr Chee (after going the rounds of dental clinics). In short, we still trust and stick to Dr Chee as our family dentist after all these years.

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